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Written on 03/03/2017, 11:53
current-club-eventsClub Events 2017   Qualifying Grand Prix at Orient: 15th – 22nd April 2017 Gauteng Regionals at Orient: 23rd – 29th April 2017 SA Nationals 2017 at Potchefstroom:  30th – 7th October 2017   Keep a lookout for the current club events.   If you are a club, and would like to have your events posted...
Written on 20/11/2016, 02:00
western-cape-regionals-20172017 Western Cape Regionals Dates:  Saturday 7th January – Practise day.  Contest flying Sunday 8th to Saturday 14th inclusive and Sunday 15th is a reserve day in case of bad weather or is a travel day. Will anybody wishing to fly please contact Sven or Mike (contact details below) – Entry Fee – R...
Written on 01/11/2016, 02:00
touring-motor-gliders Motorgliders = Opportunity   Opportunity to launch when you are ready, opportunity to avoid landing out, but more importantly the opportunity to enhance your soaring. We have come a long way since the birth of the motorglider and its use to enhance the training of pilots. As in pure gliding, the...
Written on 10/07/2016, 02:00
rip-fritz-johlWe mourn the loss of Fritz Johl.  He, with Pat Beatty, was a pioneer of his time when they designed and built the BJ gliders.  At almost 96 yrs. he passed away last Friday in CT.The Memorial Service will be on Monday, 18 July, at 1500 hours, at the Lutheran Church, Waterloo Road, Wynberg.
Written on 10/05/2015, 02:00
latest-exco-newsletter-available  Download the latest SA Soaring mag and EXCO newsletter HERE

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Written on 01/01/2014
TO ALL CLUB CHAIRMEN & CLUB CFIS   30th  January 2014     Dear all   FLIGHTS FOR VISITORS/FRIENDS/FAMILY MEMBERS & INDEMNITY   As a result of an email asking who exactly can and who cannot take up friends/family/visitors to your Gliding Club, it was decided to give you all an overview...
Written on 03/05/2013
SSSA FAQ LicensingAuthority to Fly (ATF). SSSA FAQ Q: Who is the Recreation Aviation Administration of South Africa (RAASA)? A: RAASA is the body designated by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) to perform the issuing of recreational and glider pilots licenses and non-type certified...
Written on 22/11/2012
Administrative Matters - RAASA Forms. The Chairman issued a circular clarifying the requirements for applications where licenses or certificates will be issued by RAASA. The requirement that RAASA receive one signed form per application can be satisfied ny using the forms in the downloads...
Written on 22/11/2012
South African airspace file in .cub format. This file describes all the controlled, restricted and prohibited airspace where gliders may not operate.  It does not show general flying or other multi-user danger areas, except where these are designated “glider windows”.  It does not include areas such...

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