To fly a South African registered glider you need to:

  1. Be a member of the SSSA. You will apply for your SSSA membership through the club or Hire and Fly operation of your choice; most probably the one you are flying with.
  2. Apply for a Temporary SSSA Glider Pilot Licence/ Validation. For this the
    following is required:

    1. Hold a valid Glider Pilot licence in your country of origin.
    2. Write a local Airlaw exam.
    3. Demonstrate a complete understanding of the relevant airspace requirement.
    4. Produce an ICAO compliant “Medical Certificate” of at least a class 4 category. This certificate must have been attained not more than three years before your arrival if you are older than 40 years or 5 years below this age.
    5. Do a check flight with a SSSA instructor. This temporary Licence/ validation is valid for a maximum of 4 months and cannot be issued for Touring Motor Gliders. This temporary Licence / validation can only be issued with your existing ratings. No new ratings can be included on your Temporary Licence / validation.
  3. If you intend to carry passenger you must be the holder of at least a limited category Air Experience Instructor brevet or have a logbook endorsement by a qualified instructor or similar in your logbook from the country of origin and have at least 100 launches or hours as P1.
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