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1. Performance requirements for FAI records

Where can I find the FAI performance requirements for Records?2021-11-29T15:52:29+02:00

You will find this in the SC3 sporting code, Chapter 3. You can also read the “Record guide”. Make sure you understand the requirements. If you require any assistance, ask your OO or make your request on the contact form on the Records website page.

How wide is the Start-Line?2021-11-29T15:52:55+02:00

The Start-line and Finish Lines are 500m radius, 1000m total length.

What are the restrictions on the triangle geometry?2021-11-29T15:53:17+02:00

For triangle and free triangle courses shorter than 750 km, no leg may have a length of less than 28% of the course distance.

For courses of 750 km or more, the length of each leg shall be 25% to 45% of the course distance.

FR level and declaration?2021-11-29T15:53:39+02:00

Record flights require a declaration recorded in a Level 1 “all flights” FR, and any error in the declaration will invalidate the claim. A multi-place glider declaration shall include the name of the co-pilot. When multiple FRs are used, the declarations in each must be identical for a claim to be valid.

Do I require a Calibration Certificate?2021-11-29T15:53:58+02:00

Yes, the FR calibration must be up to date, or be done after the flight.

Do I require an FAI Sporting licence?2021-11-29T15:54:22+02:00

Yes, you must possess Sporting license before starting the flight.

Where do I find the latest revision of the Sporting code and approved flight recorder information?2021-11-29T15:54:45+02:00

You will find these in our documents section and at;

What record application forms are used?2021-11-29T15:55:07+02:00

You will find these in our documents section and at;

  1. Form A; Absolute altitude or Gain of Height records.
  2. Form B; Distance records.
  3. Form C; Speed records.
  4. Form D; Motor glider records. Form is additional to other forms if appropriate to the claim.
  5. Form E; To be completed by all NACs involved. (for Continental and World records)
What forms do we use?2021-12-02T06:58:44+02:00

For claims submitted to the FAI, the current IGC-approved FAI claim forms must be used. See our tab for “Claim Forms”. Forms are also available from the IGC web site at – then click on Records and on Record Claim Forms.

  1. Form A: Absolute altitude or Gain of Height records (Open class only)
  2. Form B: Distance records
  3. Form C: Speed records
  4. Form D: Motor glider records. Form is additional to other forms if appropriate to the claim.
  5. Form E: To be completed by all NACs involved. Form must be included with claim file.
What preliminary notice is required?2021-11-29T15:56:01+02:00

Notice of a pending record claim must be submitted to by the controlling NAC, the FAI must receive the claim within seven days of the flight. To facilitate this please submit the details to the OO or Claims officer soonest.

When must the claim dossier be submitted to the FAI?2021-11-29T15:56:20+02:00

The organising NAC shall forward the complete claim documentation to reach the FAI within 120 days of the date of the flight unless an extension of time has been authorised by the IGC President.

What process is followed to claim a record?2021-12-02T06:59:21+02:00
  1. The OO must do the control over the FR’s and ensure suitable evidence of pilot, glider and take off time. He must use the Flight Certificate.
  2. After the flight the OO must download your file, check his seals if any and must complete the second part of the Flight Certificate.
  3. The OO and Claims officer will do a quick analysis to confirm the record and submit the preliminary claim to the FAI in the 7 days time.
  4. You need to complete the required Claim with your OO.
  5. The OO will do the certifications, and forward the claim to the Claims officer
  6. Only documents received from the OO will be used for the claim.
  7. The Claims officer will prepare the dossier and forward that by e-mail and by courier to the FAI records officer.
Preliminary record claim form2021-11-29T16:02:31+02:00
Altitude record claim form2021-11-29T16:02:25+02:00
Distance record claim form2021-11-29T16:02:09+02:00
Speed record claim form2021-11-29T16:03:16+02:00
Motor glider record claim form2021-11-29T16:04:13+02:00
Certificates by National Airsport Control bodies2021-11-29T16:05:25+02:00
Payment info2021-12-02T06:59:49+02:00

Find the relevant information in the badges section “costs & bank details”, please use “surname-record” as reference. The costs do not include courier costs or additional FAI costs if any.


SC3 Sporting Code
OO List
FAI Records Guide

2. SSSA National record types and categories

SSSA makes available an extra category for our Juniors under 25 years of age, and also for our Club Class enthusiasts.


SA Record Rules
SA Gliding Records

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