SSSA GPL Manual for GPL Exam Preparation

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Aviation Recreation Organisation (ARO) Certificate

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Training Procedure Manual

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Declared Training Organisation (DTO) Certificate

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View DTO Operation Specification 2024
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Memorandum of Incorporation

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Manual of Procedures

The Manual of Procedure document serves to define the functions of the SSSA and the operating procedures of the SSSA as the ARO for gliding operations in South Africa.

Download MOP
Download MOP Signature Page
Download Personnel SSSA
Annexure 1: Terms and Definitions
Annexure 2: Operational Governance
Annexure 3: Licences
Annexure 4: SSSA Responsibilities
Annexure 5: Accident, Comms
Annexure 6: SMS
Annexure 7: Civil Aviation Regulations
Annexure 8: SSSA Away Events and Contest Safety
Annexure 9: QC Inspection Process
Annexure 10: Quality Assurance Manual
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