Completing in the FC

  1. If for some reason the App is not available, use the hardcopy and let an independent party sign as witness.
  2. Care must be taken to complete every required field of the FC required for that performance.
  3. Both OO and pilot must sign before take-off.
  4. Make sure the FC part 1 is submitted online before take-off.
  5. At landing the OO completes the second half of the FC, signs the document and submits online before leaving the airfield.
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What other important advice?

  1. It is highly suggested to have data sampling interval set at 4 seconds or less.
  2. If the glider is equipped with a MOP, the OO must ensure that the FR(s) have suitable MOP detection 4.3.1/3.3.6/2.4.7. to determine that the MOP was not used.
  3. That all FR(s) used have identical declarations.
  4. The .igc files from each FR (controlled before take-off) shall be downloaded by the OO and submitted with exception of Silver and Gold badges where only one file is required.
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What part of the Code is addressed by the FC?

  1. 2.0b/3.0d: Selection of FR(s) before take-off.
  2. 2.2.6/3.3: Control (by noting type and serial no) plus inspection of FR(s) before take-off.
  3. 2.2.6/3.2: Ensuring correct approval levels of FR(s) before take-off.
  4. 4.3.1: Pre-flight control to confirm pilot name and the glider flown.
  5. 3.3/4.3.3: Post flight inspection of seals and supervision of data transfer
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